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When you Start a Blog, it all seems fun, right? But after many weeks of learning and publishing new content, you don’t see any needle moving. That’s when you need an eye of someone who has gone through this and has achieved what we call Internet Fame.

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What’s Inside the Report?

Niche Performance Audit

Content Power Audit

Server Performance Audit

Full SEO Audit

Site Speed Audit

FoolProof Security Audit

Monetization Audit

Backlink Profile Audit

Other Benchmarks

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$149 Per Audit

  • Complete Website Audit
  • Site Speed Audit
  • FoolProof Security Audit
  • Plugins Audit
  • Technical Audit
  • Backlink Profile Audit
  • Content Power Audit
  • Niche Performance Audit
  • Monetization Audit
  • WooRank Premium Report
  • Our Verdict

Frequently Asked Questions

In order to Analyzing your Website with Deep Metrics and SOPs, we take a minimum of 3 days to make and send your reports. Or earlier if you are front in the queue. To play a safe side, estimated time to recieve your report is 5 days after you place your order. In case it takes more than 5 days, you can contact us via the Live Chat to resolve your query. Our success rate is 100% till now.

You will receive a PDF format of Audit Report that will be 100% Print Ready for those who love the feel of paper.

Hello, I’m Rajan Arora, Founder & CEO of SerpFit. I’ll be more than happy to audit and observe your website. In case you are wondering that I will outsource these audits, then ‘No-Chance’. This is my favorite thing in Blogging. Observing and Analyzing Websites. Don’t get Freaked-Out when you get my blogging hacks in your reports.

If you are feeling lost and don’t know what to do in order to progress as a Blogger, this Audit Report will help you to determine your Monetization Potentials, Guided Content Planning and Focusing on Fixing your Website for Readers and SEO. It’s like planning the 2.0 Version of your Website.

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